Fresh Daily x Benamin x DJ Spinna

February 3, 2010

In the Spring of 2009, producer/engineer/mixer BENAMIN, had a meeting with the rising Brooklyn emcee Fresh Daily, to discuss possible future collaborations. Upon meeting, the two artists found that they shared a common direction in sound and taste. They saw the future of Hip-Hop music in a similar light and realized that the sound they wished to portray in their next immediate releases was very much the same. This meeting resulted in a collaboration that would become the E.P. you now see before you. The Times E.P. is a step in a new direction for Fresh Daily, meanwhile underlying his lyrical ability. It accurately portrays BENAMIN’s production styles and showcases his skill as an engineer/mixer. Download the E.P, turn the volume up, and let it bump

Apollo 13 by BENAMIN

Here is a video trailer for the upcoming official music video for Get On Down from DJ Spinna’s Sonic Smash (2009). The song features the AOK collective members Fresh Daily, P.SO, and Homeboy Sandman. The official music video will drop Weds. Feb 10th!


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