This soul brother has been a breath of fresh air to my ears since I 1st heard “Green” back in 08 HERE. His music sets him apart from the rest in an industry where everyone sounds alike, and they’re singing about the same uninteresting stories. With an unforgettable /unmistakable voice, powerful & relatable lyrical content, and stellar production, [his 1st album] The Adventures of Seymour Liberty was a 2008 classic in the Nu Soul scene. If you’ve never heard of him, let me stress how great his artistry is by stating that the Platinum Pied Pipers scooped him up as their lead vocalist for Abundance… it made perfect sense, they only work with the best. I patiently wait for new material from him, more so an album. We posted 2 new tracks in September to hold the fans over til a new album rears its beautiful head. 🙂 Feel free to check out all our Coultrain related posts HERE. He recently made himself available to the lovers of good music on the social networks, so hit him up on Facebook or Twitter, and patronize his Myspace page for new tracks.

Coultrain – Self Pity

Who is Coultrain?

PPP – Ain’t No If’s Or Maybes

PPP: Meet the Cast #2 – Coultrain