November 14, 2009

Here we go again. Another blog about me receiving an email from someone about submitting their artist for BLS LOL While, I’m not opposed to being expose to something fresh and new, I am not in anyway a person that scouts out music for BLS. I usually come across an artist that I’m feeling or that I know that I’m feeling and go from there. Even though I have been receiving these emails, I must say some have been good and some mediocre. Now, when I received the email from Jules Gilchrist stating that London,UK artist Izzi Dunn would like to be featured, I was skeptical. Not because of the artist herself, mostly because of the title of her new single Tits and Ass. Pause. Not to mention her sophomore album (haven’t heard the first) Cries and Smiles is being released on Idunnit Music (Label name sounds Ghetto), definitely made me think twice about whether I should give the artist’s music a listen. However, I must say, I couldn’t deny the fact that the music was not what I suspected. It gave me a vibe familiar of Bembe Segue and Mark de Clive-Lowe. According to Izzi‘s bio, Tits and Assexpertly and bravely derails the sexism and hypocrisy that many take for granted”. Interesting. I also learned that Izzi is a cellist who has played for the likes of Mark Ronson, Gorillaz, Chaka Khan and Soul II Soul which is even more interesting. Izzi Dunn‘s album Cries and Smiles will be released soon but no specific date has been given. I just say, BLS Fans and Fam, check out the video and stream the music for yourself and let me know what you think. I don’t think it’s bad at all.

Izzi Dunn’s Website

Izzi Dunn’s Myspace

Izzi DunnTits and Ass

Izzi Dunn Tits and Ass video

DKD has been one of my fave electronica groups since I first heard them a while ago. Unknown to many, is the fact that they are Dego from 4hero, Kaidi Tatham, and Daz-I-Kue from Bugz in the Attic. Future Rage , released in 2003; encompassed broken beat, futuristic jazz, and electro sound effects to create soundscapes and loops that transformed your mind state to something out of this world. At one point you could mentally be @ a Rave, at another you would be gazing so hard just zoning off of the vibe *head still bobbing unknowingly though*. If you weren’t hip to the album back then, it’s never too late…
DKD – Brighter Day
DKD – Future Rage