In my never-ending search of all (or most) things Brazilian, I received this album a couple of weeks ago, Haih Or Amortecedor, by the legendary Brazilian psych-rock legends Os Mutantes. They along with fellow Tropicalia musicians, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and many others represented the cultural movement/revolution that respectively included visual arts, poetry, and theatre, taking in many influences and genres, then combining them and creating something entirely of its own..very similar to hip hop come to think of it. Hmmm..

This is their first studio release in over 30 years with its original leader Sergio Dias and a host of new players and writers on board, including experimental Brazilian sound champions Tom Ze and Jorge Ben.

Os Mutantes is as bugged out as it gets in terms of style and categorization, but that’s what’s so wonderful about artistry..wielding the ablity to break down barriers, think out of the box, and push the envelopes without having to care what folks think, even when writing three clichés in a row hahaha..
Preview album clips here. Film documentary trailer here.
*Photo is a 1968 shot of its original members