What can I say…this girl has such a wonderful gift. She has the gift of gab and the gift of heart. Porsche Smith, a 26 year old soul singer from Oakland,CA now residing in Dallas,TX, knows the art of performing and constructing an album. However,despite all of her energy and determination, it seems her music has not reach a wider audience yet. Porsche is not only a skillfull singer, but plays guitar and keys as well. I met Porsche Smith back in 2006 while living in West Oakland,CA. I wondered WHY was she trying to sing back up for me when she had so much going for her. It just made me realize how wonderful she was inside and out as well as a dope musician/vocalist. All didn’t end there for her though. She just recently won the John Legend Remix Contest sponsored by Ourstage and was lucky to play her version of John Legend’sEverybody Knows” at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood,Florida. Porsche not only resung John Legends song, but she produced it as well, playing only acoustic guitar. Porsche has also opened up for Geno Young and PJ Morton, to name a few. She released her debut album About Life in 2007 which was very much Porsche and depicted some experiences in LIFE that some of us can say we have come across. About Life receive great reviews. As time progressed, so did Porsche‘s music. She released a three song EP entitled Loveland which is the polar opposite from About Life and is a burst of Pop and Electro. This EP was released earlier this year and shows Porsche‘s growth as an artist and her ability to step out of the box people like to put soulful artists in these days . Loveland is available on iTunes and is still available as is About Life. Currently, Porsche is working on a new project and doing shows with her all-female (yes! all female) band Beauty and The Beats who is awesome by the way. If you are not up on Porsche Smith, this is a very good time to do so. She is the epitome of soul sista #1.

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Porsche Smith-“Let it Go”(production by Byron the Aquarius)

Porsche Smith-“Everybody Knows” Remix at John Legend and Indie.Arie concert

Porsche Smith feat. BEAUTY AND THE BEATS

Iman Williams
is about to drop another project called The Planetarium EP along with working on her first album entitled Stupid Human Tricks,which you should hear very,very, soon. In the mean time, check out this joint Not 4 U from The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux remixed by Applejac.

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Iman Williams Reverbnation

Iman Williams- Not 4 U (remixed by Applejac)

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This girl is the epitome of new millennium soul singer. She has been putting in much work, so much for others like Common, Foreign Exchange,etc. that she put her on album Oscillations:Triangle on hold. Well, Muhsinah just recently brought to my attention that tomorrow is her birthday, and instead of giving her a gift, she is giving her fans a gift. She is releasing Oscillations:Square tonight at 12am which includes a lot of “gems” that may only be available through digital so get it while it’s hot! And if you don’t believe me, get it from the horses mouth 😉

Happy Birthday Muhsinah! (July 20)

Hey guys! For those anticipating Havana‘s sophomore album, Entervention, please check out this free sample of goodies just for you. It’s just a little something to let you know what’s in store from the R&B/Soul songstress herself and the Skoolcraft Music Family.




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There are not many independent artists at this moment that can say they sold 18,000 copies of their first release, digital and physical. When speaking of an artist like this, who comes to mind is R&B/Soul singer Havana. Havana has definitely blossomed in many ways. She has reached a new height in her music in such areas as verbally,mentally, and musically. I had the pleasure of speaking with the southern California bred songstress and I must say, she was as bubbly and humble as I expected. Havana discusses her feelings of the mainstream record industry, family, music, life goals, and reality. Per Havana, all of her music talks of the struggles she faced when dealing with her parents who are both trying to recover from drug addiction. While most people would still be in a state of coping and trying to find themselves during such a devastating time with a family member, Havana seemed to be fine and non-affected by the situation.
I commended her for that. It was living with her grandmother and keeping a positive mind frame which allowed her to fight against a future of turmoil and anguish. While speaking with Havana, we talked about the success of her 2005 debut release L.I.F.E. I wanted to know if there was a strategy to what she presented to the world that got the attention of so many people. According to her, there was no strategy. There were times when she did not know if she would even pursue her career in music because she was dedicated to family. Family meaning, her devoted husband and career partner Khadji and their three adorable children. However, Havana managed to find the strength and balance to complete her project. The L.I.F.E (Living In Fearless Emotion) album consisted of production by Detroit producer Waajeed (Slum Village, PPP, Tiombe Lockhart) and Nicolay (Foreign Exchange). The critically acclaimed L.I.F.E received good vibrations from many bloggers,music critics,etc. L.I.F.E also caught the attention of companies such as MTV, NBC, Scion, and Adidas which resulted in her receiving licensing deals. I wanted to know more about Havana and who inspired her to be on the musical journey she is on today. Havana mentioned names such as Mary J. Blige who you can definitely gather from her storytelling of hardships. When asked about a producer she would really like to work with, Havana‘s answer was Raphael Saadiq. She mentioned that opening up for Raphael Saadiq sparked her interest and she would love to be able to sit in the studio with him. Among other performers, Havana has opened for Dwele, Slum Village, Adriana Evans, Rebirth, and S1 from Strange Fruit Project. Now that she has spread a taste of her musical craft, Havana is about to release her sophomore album, Entervention. Entervention will be an album that is somewhat in a different light from Havana‘s debut album. This album has a new production sound that is more 80’s electronic and R&B feel with more lyrics that are very direct and to the point. Entervention features production from Brooke D’Leau (J*Davey), GB (Sound in Color), and The Honor Roll (Trackademicks/1O.A.K). I expressed my excitement for her new release and wanted to know her long time goals…this is what she had to say: ” I will be in this industry [music] for a long time”. Well, with the way things are going, there’s nothing holding her back.

Havana “It Ain’t New”

Havana “Shoulda Walked Away”