Scrolling thru the blogosphere I came across one of my regular stops, Musical Schizophrenia, and a post they found @ The Best On Mars… a really interesting blog ran by a 16 year old w/ great taste in music.
Anywho, Evening Crescent Café is a jazzy compilation garnished by slices of hip-hop, w/ tracks featuring the likes of Kero One & Little Brother. It’s uber relaxing, and very chill. I’ve listened to it twice since my stumble and to say I’m entertained is an understatement. Review the track list & proceed to DOWNLOAD.
1. Intro – Shinsight Trio
2. Ain’t No End – Supersci
3. Jazzy Joint – J.A.M & Jose James
4. One World Is – Grooveman Spot
5. J. Skills Never Sleeps – The Procussions
6. Braggin’ and Boastin’ – The Sound Providers & Little Brother
7. Mellow – Pete Philly, Perquisite & Senna
8. So Fly – J. Rawls
9. Frankie’s Groove – Dred Scott
10. Sweet Pea – Booker Ervin
11. New York Times (DJ Spinna Remix) – Bobbi Humphrey
12. Lament – Ahmad Jamal
13. I Love Good Music – Shinsight Trio
14. I’m Walking – Perquisite & Benjamin Herman
15. In All The Wrong Places – Kero One
As Mars said; ‘Remember, if you enjoy what you hear/see, a reblog is always appreciated.’

Easy grooving on a Friday Evening! I feel like I should be en route to a Jam Session after listening to It’s Time. Kero One‘s laid back flow over Lanu‘s instrumentation has me in a good place. [Oooo the horns!] I got this track in my inbox and honestly had never heard of Lanu before. After research I found that this track came from his album This is My Home . I previewed it on, and really feel like going out now! Take a listen, let us know what you think!

Lanu ft. Kero One – It’s Time

I can’t get over how much Kero One sounds like Will Smith btw… lol