Slimkat78 has to be one of my favorite producers of this time and he has worked with some amazing artists such as yU and Muhsinah. It’s no secret that is a Dilla fan. Please check out this mix by Slimkat to help celebrate the artistry of James “JayDee” Yancey.

Slimkat78The Brief Origin of Dilla (Unextended Mix)


 This is a new dope mix by DJ Destroyer that features some of the best in Progressive Soul and Hip-Hop.  Check it out.
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10. BEYOND 2012 – DAM FUNK

After a lot of hard work and perseverance, the Chameleon EP is now available. The German born, American raised R&B/Broken Beat singer has been eager to share this 5 song EP with you. Please support indie music and go download the Dezaray Dawn Chameleon EP today!

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Dezaray via Twitter

Dezaray  via  Myspace

If you are here in ATL for the International Soul Summit and want to see Dezaray Dawn perform, there will be a double release party with BUGZ IN THE ATTIC held at Moods Music in Little Five Points on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

Dezaray Dawn– Chameleon (Crisis Situations Remix)

The D.C. MPC wizard has been making noise for quite sometime now with the release of Muhsinah‘s Oscillations:Square and Diamond District. Slimkat78 has decided to release some of his gems on a project called Soundfreakers Vol #1. Soundfreakers is for free download so get it now!

Slimkat78-Sounfreakers Vol.1

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This girl is the epitome of new millennium soul singer. She has been putting in much work, so much for others like Common, Foreign Exchange,etc. that she put her on album Oscillations:Triangle on hold. Well, Muhsinah just recently brought to my attention that tomorrow is her birthday, and instead of giving her a gift, she is giving her fans a gift. She is releasing Oscillations:Square tonight at 12am which includes a lot of “gems” that may only be available through digital so get it while it’s hot! And if you don’t believe me, get it from the horses mouth 😉

Happy Birthday Muhsinah! (July 20)

What isn’t there to say about the talented D.C. native, Muhsinah? Muhsinah Abdul-Karim aka Muhsinah has risen from all things including direction in career to weight loss. Muhsinah started out singing background for Bilal Salaam and is pinned with crews such as Low Budget (Dj Roddy Rod, Kev Brown, and Peter Rosenberg) to name a few.For those who didn’t know, Muhsinah is a very skilled piano player and studied classical music. Nowadays, you will find Muhsinah playing keys for Chicago bred rapper Common (Common Sense). Muhsinah has also been featured on projects such as Stacy Epps‘s “The Awakening” and Foreign Exchange‘s “Leave it All Behind”. Whether she is in a band or producing for others, Muhsinah still has a sound of her own that can’t be simply put into one category. She fuses modern day sounds such as hip-hop and electronic with classical,jazz,and R&B. Whether the lyrics may seem unclear and non-existent at times, Muhsinah still manages to draw you in with her uncanny and subtle voice. In 2008, Muhsinah released her album Oscillations:Sine which is the first of 2 parts. Oscillations:Triangle,which features all new music and production from producers Slimkat78, Mike Slott, Exile,and herself, has been pushed back until further notice. If you rewind back to 2005, Muhsinah released the Oscillations EP which featured songs such as “Millions” which you would find on her Daybreak and Daybreak 2.0 release. The Oscillations: Sine is Muhsinah‘s album that combines Daybreak,Daybreak 2.0, and Prelude. All which can be bought separately. Daybreak was released first as download music and then she released Daybreak 2.0 which added bonus tracks. It was also sold physically and digitally. Prelude was a Japanese release and had a few tracks on it that wasn’t on Daybreak or Daybreak 2.0. You have to love the genius behind her team (Rxlngr pronounced Rock Slinger).
What I enjoyed about Oscillations is that it was very diverse in sound yet it was so Muhsinah. Drums are hip-hop and sometimes unorthodox. Melodies are flowing and mysterious. Energy is incredible. You can’t turn your ipod,stereo,or computer off when hearing Muhsinah‘s sound.
A.M” starts the journey off with a obvious tribute to Alice Coltrane with a synthetic harp sound and piano riffs. In a away, it represents an awakening of some sort.
Slowly creeping in after is “Construction” her hit song, in my opinion, which I feel is very universal. The beginning of Oscillations are all favorites.
Discovery” is a very non-defying song that I can not place. It just has a feel good sound about it and her voice haunts it superbly.
Once Again“, another favorite of mine, is so beautiful and pacy. Muhsinah‘s vocals easily shined in this piece. Her harmonies that sat in the back of this track help to bring this song to life. The music is very simple and I was told uses a sample from John ColtranesLove Supreme“.
Gogh” is one of those songs that I would say has limited lyrics but the music intrigues you. It’s very different. It has a electronic feel with off rhythms. It also features that dark and slowed down vocal along with the reversed vocal she puts in just about all her tracks. This is when it starts to get repetitive. That would be the most annoying thing I get out of her music,but other than that….
Outsource” has a rock feel with some,again,off rhythms.Yet, Muhsinah pulls it off with her vocal arrangements.
Same can also be said about “Yiy” which features Muhsinah‘s piano talent. It is very reminiscent of Radiohead and is executed beautifully.
Mine” is a song that I can honestly tell you, I had no idea what was going on at first. It seemed all over the place and would probably be my least favorite; however, she manages to again make you pay attention with her vocals even though we could do without the not-so-good rap verse.
Billieclub” which features soul singer Wayna, is easily a favorite and is named after a wooden club used by police in the UK during the Victorian Era. The song talks of police brutality and the words are very strong.

Muhsinah is a very talented individual and I must say, she has come a very long way. She has much more to give and a lot more growing that is in process.

Muhsinah’s Site

FLASHBACKhoney gives this album 6/7 nods

Head Nod Scale

1=Don’t waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there’s “two and a possible”.
5=It’s a “good” album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the “Rewind Factor” more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

I have come across some of the most incredible musicians and performers. Some you may have heard of and some you may have not. When it comes to producers that I am feeling nowadays, I would say the one that comes to mind is Zachariah McGant a.k.a Slimkat78. Slimkat78 is one of D.C. ‘s most talented and promising producers to come. He is not your average producer where you get all the hype and then the beats are BOOTY. OH No! The D.C. native has been getting positive vibes and has put in his share of work. Slimkat78 has a style of music that crosses
Boom Bap Hip-Hop,Funk, and
Soul .
If I had to compare
Slimkat to other producers …I WOULDN’T. His music has remnants of an authentic hip-hop that is so familiar even while staying original . No wonder so many people internationally are wanting a collaboration with him.He has worked with some amazing vocalists and rappers. Most recently, Slim was a participant of the new project from Oddisee, yU, and XO called The Diamond District.
Among many other projects he is a part of the group OP SWAMP 81 along side Bilal
Salaam,Da’Nedra, Dre King to name a few. He is also linked to Muhsinah, John Robinson, Nicholas Ryan Gant, and Roddy Rod. All-in-all, Slimkat78 is doing pretty good.This beat extraordinaire is sick when it comes to the MPC whether it is live or on a track. When you take into consideration some of his influences such as JayDee aka DILLA (R.I.P), Dj Premier, percussionist Chico Hamilton, Sun Ra (B’ham stand up), June Tyson, Pete Rock, D’Angelo, George Duke, and DJ Battlecat, you know that Slimkat78 has a style that is very unique and versatile and still very much hip-hop oriented. Lately, Slimkat78 has been doing shows with Muhsinah as her live MPC man and working with yU‘s project “Before Taxes”. Slimkat has also produced on the new Muhsinah‘s project Oscillations:Triangle. Be sure to catch this beat conductor’s production on various artist projects because a talent like Slimkat‘s should not go unnoticed.

Slimkat78 on live mpc w/ Muhsinah @ Silk City in Philly

OP SWAMP 81 feat. Bilal Salaam and Da’Nedra

yU feat. Grap Luva,OP SWAMP 81,and Finale (Slimkat78 production)