Nickodemus, the Brooklyn based producer and deejay/creator of one of the longest running outdoor dance parties in New York, Turntables on The Hudson, drops a nice one on us for summer 2009. Sun People (ESL Music), is Nickodemus‘ second full length effort, featuring a bouquet of characters representing all parts of the globe. Imagine traveling to Puerto Rico, Columbia, New York, Guinea, UK, (and a few other spots), and the sun is shining upon arrival of each destination, with people dancing in the streets..

The production is very tight, as most dance music is in general, but the live instrumentation and vocalists seem to help loosen things up, adding a bit more swing to the rhythms once all of the pieces are fit into the puzzle. Nickodemus‘ way of combining urban beats and multicultural sounds, makes him (and world music) indefinitely more “accessible” to the average dance clubber, attractive to names like Apple in the advertisement world (see Mi Swing es Tropical), as well as creating an interesting listen for people who enjoy global music.
Release date is set for June 16, so mark your calendar and pick it up at one up at your favorite place to buy music.

In The Booth
Sun People (Intro) (feat. Ismael Kouyate) – Nice traditional instrumental with keyboard drops throughout. Ismael Kouyate on vocals but only about a minute and a half in length. I’m sure there will be a full version coming soon.

La Lluvia (feat. Richard Shepherd, produced with Quantic) – Co-produced by Quantic, so you know its got that deep Latin flavor. On point vocals and horns makes this a top contender for favorite track..

weRISEweFALLweRISE – Starts out as an experimental hip hop type of track where the drums and multilayered woodwinds take the stage, but just when you thought it was over, the track morphs into a house tune..much props on the transition here.

Junior Star gives Sun People a 5.75 out of 7 head nods.

Head Nod Scale
1=Don’t waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there’s “two and a possible”.
5=It’s a “good” album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the “Rewind Factor” more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.