Today, I received an email from someone by the name of Jimmy Ngokwey. He is apart of 413 Management and asked if I would share his artist’s music with BLS family. Now, usually, with emails like this, I take forever on a decision to even showcase to the public because I mostly showcase music I am up on or someone I know personally has brought to my attention. I have given my fair listen to the Philadelphia-based Afro/Soul singer Rafiyah ( that was said in her bio) and I must say she has a sweet and subtle voice. However, I feel Rafiyah is more Pop/Soul than Afro/Soul. I have not had the chance to listen to an album from Rafiyah but I am able to express my feelings of her single “Amazing“. I think it’s more R&B when it comes to vocal style and lyrics and soulful as far as music composition but that’s my opinion; and all-in-all she is doing a good job being her. I am advised that her Ep Amazing will be released November 17th. I am looking forward to hearing more from her and wish her the best. I would like BLS & Family to check out the track “Amazing” by Rafiyah and post your thoughts.

Rafiyah’s Myspace

Rafiyah’s Youtube

Rafiya- Amazing

Long name huh? LOL However, you will be surprise to know that he is one of the many producers still alive who actually play an instrument. Bus Crates 16-Bit Ensemble is hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is definitely in need of more ears. Bus Crates started out djing and producing some years ago. He is constantly working on music and elevating his sound. Even though he doesn’t claim to be a pianist, much of his music heavily consist of Moog Little Phatty and Wurlitzer 200a electric piano. He also uses Ableton Live 7 LE, percussion instruments, MPC 2000XL and vinyl which certifies him a gear junkie, in my opinion. Bus Crates is heavily influenced by Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Les McCann. Crates also draws inspiration from artist such as J Dilla (R.I.P) and DJ Spinna. In a world field with wanna be producers who get shine, Bus Crates seems to keep his head above water. So far, Bus Crates is staying on the grind and is not collaborating with a gang of people (YET) so he is definitely a producer that artists should want to work with soon.

Bus Crates MySpace

Bus Crates 7″ EP Available Here

Bus Crates 16-Bit Ensemble-No.10 (Moogies Discovery)

Bus Crates 16-Bit Ensemble– Broken Pencils