For the past three years, Tommy T (Thomas T Gobena) has been the bass player for gypsy punk powerhouse Gogol Bordello. Tommy was born and raised in Addis Abada (Ethiopia’s capital city) and the knowledge of global rhythms he brings to Gogol’s sound has become part of their unclassifiable approach to music making. (From Easy Star Records).

The album features Ethiopia’s crown jewel of contemporary music, Gigi, as well as The Abyssinian Roots Collective (ARC), The Imperial Bodyguard Orchestra, and others, resulting in an authentic stew of dub, reggae, traditional Ethio-rhythms, and funk for your listening adventure. I’ve listened to this album about 4 times and it has earned a well deserved space in my current rotation.

Read more about Tommy T at his website: which has 4 streaming songs from the album to check out before you pick it up. In the meantime, here is the hypnotic album opener, Brothers.

Brothers – Tommy T