Again, I can’t express how much this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania producer has me excited about my own new project. Right now, Bus Crates 16 Bit Ensemble is one of the only producers I’m working with and embodies so much soul and raw hip-hop. Influences starting at Q-tip (ATCQ) and ending at Chick Corea should let you know that he isn’t a newbie when it comes to production. Check out these remixes of J-Live “Listening”, De La Soul “The Bizness”, and Tom’s Diner and let me know what you feel about them. I always like turning on a new producer that’s under the radar to my BLS family.

Bus Crates via Twitter

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Bus Crates on Bandcamp

J-Live Listening Remix by Bus Crates 16 Bit Ensemble

De La Soul The Bizness Remixed by Bus Crates 16 But Ensemble

Tom’s Diner Remixed by  Bus Crates 16 But Ensemble

Browsing thru the Internet galaxy this morning I stopped by Erro’s site and came across a yummy gummy delectable treat. Erro said Christmas had come early and dag nabbit, he was right! I checked out the play list and new this Monday would not be the same. This is what I’m talking about…


01 Q-Tip, D’Angelo & Raphael SaadiqLynwood Rose Intro
02 D’Angelo & Q-Tip – Believe
03 Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip – We Fight/Love
04 Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Get Involved
05 Q-Tip – Shine All Day
06 D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Be Here
07 D’Angelo – Found My Smile Again
08 Q-Tip – Dance On Glass
09 Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray
10 D’Angelo – Really Love
11 Raphael Saadiq – Make My Day
12 Q-Tip – Lyrics From The Abstract (TDMG Mix)
13 D’Angelo – The Line
14 Raphael Saadiq – Lift The People
15 D’Angelo – A Capella Interlude
16 Q-Tip – Sand Castle Disco
17 Raphael Saadiq– – We Get Down
18 Q-Tip – Midnight Marauders 2008
19 D’Angelo – So Far To Go
20 Raphael Saadiq – A Capella Intermission
21 D’Angelo –
Q-Tip – Request
23 Raphael Saadiq – Just A Man
24 D’Angelo – Imagine
25 Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Stressed Out(SaaDiq Mix)
26 D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie
27 Raphael Saadiq – AOL Freestyle
28 D’Angelo – Tell Me
29 Raphael Saadiq & D’Angelo – Exclusive Outro

So you feel me right! Ok, I thought you would. Now go download and have a MusicFul day…