Nine years & some change ago, the Indie Soul scene was introduced to a fire cracker of a voice by the name of Ledisi. Living up to her name which means “to bring forth”; she presented us with her 1st studio album Soulsinger: The Revival, that did just that… it brought us “undergrounders” forth in droves.
Wrapped up in this 17 track album were powerful vocals that commanded your mood to just chill. Not a serene kinda chill though, more of a grown & sexy kinda “let’s drink a glass of Cabernet and unwind” kinda chill. She applied a perfect balance of soul and jazz with her own spin to it. The jazz instrumentation accompanied by her [now signature] scatting made it a very entertaining body of work.

As the time draws near for the release of her 4th studio album; Turn Me Loose, [dropping 18th of August] I thought I’d remind ya’ll of where she’s coming from, because she evidently comes with something greater each time! Here’s a lil sum’n sum’n from the B side of Soulsinger, the side I killed over and over and over…

I Want’cha Babe