Recently, a lot of people have been sidetracked by the non sense of Kanye West and the theatrical attempts of Lady Gaga. It leaves me to wonder if people are actually paying attention to REAL music anymore; therefore I say: If you don’t know about this phenomenal female singer/songwriter/producer, then you are seriously lost in a hurricane of mess. LatonyaTone TrezureGivens is from Flint, Michigan but the soul she disperses would have you thinking she was sent directly from Detroit which is known as a soul capital. Tone was blessed with the gift of musicianship and golden vocals. From playing drums at the age of 3 to playing bass at the age of 16, this funkstress was destined to do great things musically.

The first time I heard Tone Trezure ‘s sultry and funky voice was at least two years ago. I heard her sing her song “Ready to Go” which is on her EP (not sure of release date and title) and was featured on her myspace page. I thought to myself instantly…this girl reminds me sort of Bilal with the uncontrollable vibrato that works very much for her. Speaking of Bilal, Tone Trezure has written and produced for him on such tracks as “Get out of My Hair” and “When We Were Young” off his shelved sophomore effort, Love for Sale. Those two songs are my favorite and with that funky sound, I can believe that she wrote such work for Bilal. She has also worked with the likes of Denaun Porter, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Strange Fruit Project, Pharaoh Monch, and Little Brother to name a few. According to Tone Trezure she was discovered by Johnnie Evans and Brandon Williams who in turned introduced her to Denaun Porter. From there, she went on to do work for God’s Property and the blessings kept manifesting themselves one after another.

When I caught Sister Trezure a few months back at the legendary Mizell Brothers Tribute here in Atlanta,GA, I was able to kick it with her and talk music with her. When I asked her who her inspirations were, she immediately answered, Rance Allen. I instantly had to to check out his collection once I got home, and I must say he is awesome. I see why Tone has such a soulful/funky persona with a gospel undertone. To make this superwoman even more certifiable, she is pretty dope emcee as well, so don’t sleep. I will keep BLS Family up to date with Tone Trezure‘s project, until then check out her recent accomplishments.

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Tone TrezureMy Destiny 

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