MYX Music Label is proud to present the Get Down Remix feat The Pharcyde. With a blazing, James Brown-type throwback drum track produced by Bay Area heatmaker Keelay (of Keelay and Zaire), Jern Eye invites the infamous Pharcyde to cut loose on the dope track. The results are pure boom bap headnod music, and a great pairing of MC’s to a dope beat.

Jern Eye – Get Down Remix feat The Pharcyde

“When all else fails, listening to old records and watching garbage TV always somehow provides refuge from the songwriting rut. Here’s an example:
One, I was bumping some old Sade in anticipation of her new Soldier of Love album. Two, I was flipping channels during halftime of a UW basketball game and landed on Fox News, where Michelle Malkin was back at it doing what she do. Spewing the same ol same: Tea Party this, moonbats that. But for the first time in my life, I agreed with her on something: you rappers need to go get a job!
As fate would have it, Sade’s “Feel No Pain” (Love Deluxe, 1992) has a vocal sample with her singing the line “get a job.” What are the chances? So I flipped the beat, sampled the vocals, and wrote this song about my favorite neo-conservative Filipina blogger. And what better timing to share it with you all than on the day that Sade’s new album drops?
I wish all songs came this easily. Don’t you miss when overt racists were in power? Enjoy.”
– Prometheus Brown

Prometheus Brown(of Blue Scholars) – Michelle Malkin (Download)
Remixes of tracks from the Upcoming BBE release The Kings of Drum + Bass by Marc Mac from 4Hero coming Feb 16, 2010. Dont say you dont like Drum + Bass until you listen to this first!

Marc4hero – The Soul of DnB MIX (Download)
Dam and I went to a studio last night and recorded an acoustic piano version of “Steppin Into My Life” and filmed the whole process live. Just Dam, an acoustic piano, 2 mics and a candle in a room surrounded by red velvet curtains – in time for Valentines Day.

Bilal – Live at SOBS (2000)

February 10, 2010

I know a lot of you are going to the show in Atlanta this weekend, so here’s some decade old (wow) Bilal audio to get you excited about seeing the man
Download HERE

Bilal + Foreign Exchange + Jesse Boykins III in Atl on Feb 12th

Atjazz provides a fantastic, R&B/Soul style mix for Sun Singleton’s incredible vocals and songwriting. Moment has been quoted by the label boss as reminding her “of those timeless Soul songs I grew up with – a feeling I honestly I had not experienced in a very long time.” I agree

Sun Singleton – Moment (Atjazz Remix)

“Today is the fourth anniversary of Dilla’s untimely passing. People are celebrating his life all month long. At Mochilla, we have spent the past year working on A Suite for Ma Dukes. Until now we have held our cards close to our chest releasing videos and entirely instrumental pieces. But today in homage to the man responsible for all this we are releasing, just to you, the first vocal performance from Suite for Ma Dukes.”
“Dwele sang Angel that night without rehearsal. It is a classic. Miguels’s arrangement is super heavy and Bob Power made it magic.” – B+

Check it out HERE
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, QN5 made sure that you have what you need to ensure that the day or night goes smoothly. So we’re proud to give you WINK (Something Substantial), presented by Substantial and Dub MD, along with hosting duties provided by Kno (of CunninLynguists) Billy Bee Whitums. Wink takes listeners on a 10-year journey of Substantial’s music, focusing mainly on his love / relationship songs. From throwback classics like the Nujabes-produced “Eclipse”, to 3 all new EXCLUSIVE songs to add to the fire.
Wink, features production by Kno (CunninLynguists), Nujabes, DJ Deckstream and more. Guest appearances include Eric Roberson, JsouL, Steph the Saphic Songstress just to name a few. Download HERE

Substantial – Potential feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson

Gonja Sufi EP (Download)

February 10, 2010

Yo, I just found out about Gonja Sufi and thought I’d share. Here’s a 2 track EP that was released in 2009. Nice! Download the EP HERE

Gonja Sufi – CandyCaneLane